Arnold Schwarzenegger and steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a famous bodybuilder, actor and politician. Today we will consider his personality as an athlete. Arnold began training with iron at 14 years, motivated by the achievements of Steve Reeves. Arnold Schwarzenegger began training with weightlifters, where he built the power base of his body.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and steroidsArnold trained very hard, which allowed him to win the competition in bodybuilding “Mister Europe“, and in 20 years the title “Mr. Universe“. In the future, the bodybuilder several times won this title. What helped him become “Mr. Universe“, in addition to hard training, strict daily routine and nutrition? Suspension of testosterone is a preparation characterized by the fastest onset of action. The steroid was invented in the 1930s, and its effects have long been studied.

This drug is often used before the competition, because it has a very rapid anabolic effect, and a day later it is impossible to detect its content in the body. Suspension of testosterone has a high androgenic activity, which can negatively affect the body in the form of side effects when dosages are exceeded. If the correct dosages are observed, the side effects may be, however, less pronounced. Suspension of testosterone is the best way to quickly increase muscle mass and strength of an athlete before the competition.