Bodybuilding allowance

This bodybuilding manual includes a brief description of all aspects, general concepts, information about nutrition, warm-up, training, safety, used pharmacology and other issues of interest to many.

General information

Sport bodybuilding (same as bodybuilding) – involves constant improvement and gradually building your body, acquiring an athletic build, improving your health and appearance through a balanced diet with nutritional supplements, constant training with physical exercises and proper rest.

At the heart of body building is laid not only a set of body weight, but also the aesthetic beauty of the musculature, reducing the fatty layer. Athletes engaged in lifting weights for the sake of improving the quality of muscles are called bodybuilders (bodybuilders).

There is also competitive bodybuilding, where judges assess the size of the muscles, the beauty and proportionality of muscle groups in relation to each other, the ability of athletes to own their bodies and coordinate movements.


The first classes of bodybuilding and demonstration performances are at the end of the 19th century. In the mid-fifties of the last century, bodybuilding is becoming more popular and making a big leap. They begin to engage in all sectors of the population in the vast majority of countries in the world. Magazines are issued, amateur competitions are held. There were attempts to create a federation of bodybuilding and awarding the title of Olympic sport, but these dreams were not destined to come to fruition. Nevertheless, in the modern world there are many prestigious competitions in this sport, for example, “Arnold Classic”. In addition, for an athlete after the end (and during) of his “career” career, a wide range of highly paid professions opens – a model, an actor, a coach, a TV host and so on.

Bodybuilding allowance

Types of bodybuilding

Professional look – getting a professional card after winning an amateur competition. After that, the athlete gets the right to participate in more serious competitions, having the opportunity to get the title of “Mr. Olympia”.

Natural bodybuilding – includes many organizations that promote healthy lifestyle and exercise without taking “anabolic” and pharmacology.

Female bodybuilding is the same as the male bodybuilding, with only one difference: only women participate in it and compete among themselves.

Warm up

Warm up exercises are very important, as they can prevent injuries, stretching and tearing, to preserve the integrity of the body systems. Classes without warm-ups expose the internal organs to excessive strain, which, if repeated, can lead to a sharp and serious deterioration in health. Also, the warm-up prepares the whole body, every cell of the body for the upcoming loads, improves health and general condition. Duration – 10 – 15 minutes, but you can vary this schedule individually. The hitch is also important and certainly will not be harmful.

Safety precautions

In safety technology is included and warm-up, but it is worthy of a separate mention. Before you begin the main part of the training process, you need to check the reliability and integrity of your clothes, as well as the condition of shells, simulators and various devices. For safety, you can include behavioral etiquette in the hall (fold pancakes, dumbbells and similar courtesies in place). When working with heavy weights and uncertainty in their abilities, one should not hesitate to ask for help from friends, even if they are not familiar – it can cost the bodybuilder a health at best.


Before the beginning of the classes, a program is selected that corresponds to the type of the newcomer’s body, where the sequence and number of exercises is clearly spelled out, the number of approaches and repetitions in each of them, rest between approaches and exercises or combination into sets (bi-networks, supersets, trisets and so on). The main principles of training are: lifting weights on special devices to improve muscle and muscle hypertrophy, vary sets and repetitions to achieve different goals.\


Depending on the desired end result, appropriate nutrition is selected along with sports supplements. For weight gain, proteins should be from 30 to 40%, carbohydrates – 50 – 55%, the rest of the space is reserved for fats. At “drying” the ratio of microelements varies. Sports nutrition, again, is chosen depending on the need to achieve this or that peak. So, to improve the relief of more relevant will be fat burners, vitamins and minerals. Also in bodybuilding is used a number of pharmacological agents that can be purchased in pharmacies and which are not too harmful.

Difference from other power sports (weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebell lifting and others). Bodybuilding mainly differs from fraternal species in that bodybuilders use mainly isolation exercises in training programs to increase stamina, improve coordination of movements, while other siloviki aim to increase the overall and explosive strength in specific exercises.

This bodybuilding manual is incomplete and is designed to improve basic knowledge among beginners and more convenient navigation among many articles and literature sources.