Danabol is a very strong kind of oral steroid. Active active substance in danabol methandienone. The maximum anabolic and androgenic effect this drug has in the first 6 hours of its administration.

Oral anabolic danabol is very popular in bodybuilding and other power sports. With the help of this type of steroid athlete athlete is a synthesis of the muscle cell, it becomes stronger and larger in volume. Due to the long delay of the protein, which includes all kinds of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and water.

Increasing the volume of your muscles on the danabol cycle will be interrelated with the increase in physical strength. All your power will go up sharply under the influence of methandienone.

The average dosage of danabol on the course should be 30 mg. The active substance methandienone is three tablets.

With the help of this drug, you can gain up to two kilograms of muscle a week, with good and abundant nutrition and regular training.

To reduce or avoid the side effects of danabol on the course which can be displayed and manifested in the form of strong aromatization, adipose tissue, fluid retention, gynecomastia and increased blood pressure should be taken after the course therapy in the form of:

Anti – estrogen proviron is a popular course drug.

It is enough to drink 50 mg per cycle. proviron to avoid all of the above side effects of methandienone.

Muscle mass will be more qualitative and relief, with minimal fluid in the musculature when applying proviron simultaneously with danabol.

Danabol application with other steroids

Danabol application with other steroidsOral methandienone in the form of danabol can be used with very many injectable and oral steroids in a binder.

This will enhance their anabolic effect on the bodybuilder. His ability to recruit and grow muscle will be strengthened at times, strength indicators will also rapidly advance to the top.

Of the oral group of steroids with danabolom most commonly used:

Stanozolol screamed a mild drug with an anabolic effect.

Such a pair of anabolics contributes to a better quality of muscle mass. Danabol on the course will contribute not only to muscle growth, but also to a significant fluid retention in the athlete’s body. And stanozolol in turn will help to expel this liquid and control its delay.

Danabol In general, the course of danabol + stanozolol provides an essential set in dry and high quality muscle mass. Strength will grow throughout this cycle.

With danabol can be used and very strong injectable drugs in which significant anabolic activity. One of the most popular steroids is:

Anabolic steroid Deca Durabolin Organon in vials.

Yes course danabol + deca bodybuilder very quickly will be able to build up a common muscle mass throughout the body. It is better to focus on basic exercises on such a cycle, where many muscle groups will be simultaneously involved.

Oral danabol at a dosage of 30 mg. in a day and a deck of durabolins of 200 mg. a week doing wonders on the course. The athlete during this pair of steroids can gain up to eight kilograms of musculature.

This is considered a classic bundle of danabol + deca of durabolines. For several decades athletes have been through such a mass of dialing cycles for the speedy recruitment and growth of their muscle mass.

A course based on danabol can be made more qualitative if one of the modern types of injection steroid is connected to it, for example:

Boldenone with good anabolic quality effect.

Injection boldenone greatly increases appetite on the steroid cycle and significantly reduces the time for digestion of food and its digestion by the body.

The boldenon + danabol cycle passes very qualitatively and with a high result. The athlete feels a great surge of strength and strength of endurance and at the same time notes significant progress in increasing the volume of his muscle mass.

Boldenone on this cycle should be put twice a week in a dosage of 200 to 300 mg. and yelling danabol to drink 3 to 4 tablets a day.

Dianabol Cycles Explained

Danabol how to take

Oral preparation of danabol correctly to take is not a great knowledge and work. There are several schemes for taking this type of steroid.

The most important thing is to start taking danabol with its lowest dosage of 20 mg. a day, only two tablets.

DanabolThus, you can adjust your body to use a very strong steroid and at the same time track your body’s response to this type of drug. If the first three days you easily drank 20 mg each. methandienone and did not notice a negative effect that could be in the form of acne or increased blood pressure. Then you can safely go to 3 tab. per day is 30 mg. active ingredient.

If you are a young athlete then you need to stop at the dosage of danabol in 30 mg. per day. You can significantly progress on three tablets. And if your weight is more than 80 kg. And there is some experience in taking steroid drugs, then you can increase the intake of methane to 40 – 50 mg. in a day.

Increase the dosage of danabol need cyclically in the form of a pyramid. Begin with minimal and smoothly within two weeks to reach the maximum. And at its maximum you can sit for four weeks in a row.

You can replace the danabol with a strong drug with the same active substance.

It is best to drink Danabol for 2-3 hours before your trip to the athlete’s room. This time is considered the best for the use of methandienone. Since the active substance as much as possible exerts its anabolic effect in the first 5 to 6 hours of administration.

Danabol can be drunk after eating like all tablets. And it’s even better just to dissolve under the tongue. Thus, the active substance will quickly get to you in the blood and begin to work better.

For more advanced athletes, danabol is ideally combined with growth hormone. The course of danabol + growth hormone is the strongest in the anabolic index.

To finish a course of danabolum it is necessary again taki with the most minimum your dosage it is 2 tablets in day. Whatever your body does not abruptly stop taking a steroid drug, but smoothly. Thus, you yourself will insure against the catabolism of muscle destruction after a given cycle.