Effects of steroids

Kind time of the day, friends! Today I want to again touch on the topic of steroids, namely, the steroid effects. In general, here I will list as many effects of steroids as possible, both positive and negative, go.

Let’s start with the positive. First of all, it is worth remembering that steroids were originally a medicinal product and were invented for the treatment of diseases, so that a list of their positive qualities is similar to some medications.

steroid effects

In order:

  • improvement of nitrogen balance (pumping);
  • improvement of protein synthesis (a set of muscles);
  • improvement of libido;
  • increase in secondary sexual characteristics;
  • improvement of mood;
  • increased appetite;
  • high blood pressure;
  • improved regeneration of all body tissues;
  • a greater volume of blood (which also gives pumping and, in part, a quick “clogging” of the muscles, pouring them with blood, and also, an increase in the penis);
  • more erythrocytes; affect the phosphorus exchange;
  • spermatogenesis, and, of course, cause, in most cases, temporary sterility.

Unequivocally good or bad effect is hard to call, but the fact remains that steroids are an excellent contraceptive.

Side effects of steroids

It’s not a secret for anyone that anabolic steroids are one of the most effective means for recruiting dry muscle mass and increasing strength. However, many do not know even half of the side effects and most importantly how they can be fought. In this article, we will try not only to describe the main side effects of steroids, but also to give practical advice on reducing harm from steroids.

It is worth noting that most of the negative effects can be prevented if you follow simple recommendations related, first of all, to the choice of drugs, the duration of the course, doses. All data are taken from authoritative foreign sources, which are listed in the notes.

Now a little about the negative steroid effects. First of all, this is, of course, a reduction in testicles, namely Leydig cells, which produce testosterone and Sertoli cells, which are responsible for the formation of spermatozoa. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no studies that would confirm or disprove the possibility of a complete restoration of the hormonal system after long-term use of steroids, however, special cases are known when people who used steroids for several years successfully restored the natural level of hormones, and cases when after a long period of use, it was not possible to fully recover. And the most negative effect of steroids is oppression of the hormonal arc, if everything else is reversible, then this is not at all. Further there are such effects as: sweating; increased fat content of the skin; acne; accelerated metabolism (very hot in summer and not cold in winter); often on the course of steroids there is an increase in “bad” cholesterol – LDL, which can lead to blood clots, blood clots, and the development of atherosclerosis, however, in practice, the probability of this is small; Also, a very dangerous effect of steroids is a sudden overtraining: if during a natural training feel the approach of overtraining is very easy, then on the course it usually comes suddenly and proceeds not so easily; also, it is possible to note such a negative effect of steroids as a stopping of sexual development (if taken at adolescence and later abandoned), but if during puberty and all subsequent life take large doses of anabolic steroids (testosterone is the basis of the course) on the contrary, accelerated sexual development will be observed.

In the end, I note that such drugs as: nandrolones, trenbolons, anapolone, very strongly inhibit the hormonal arc and can lead to irreversible atrophy of the testicles, therefore, it is recommended to stab gonadotropin on the course of these drugs, also it is not recommended to take these drugs before conception of children, in part because they are mutagens and can leave their mark on the child, even if it is conceived decades after taking the drugs.

That’s all, friends, here I briefly described the most famous and studied effects of steroids, as you can see, there are more positive effects, but there are more negative ones, so the choice is “To accept or not?” remains for you. I wish you to do it right, good luck and see you again!