Exercises in bodybuilding

It is not enough to make an intelligent training program for bodybuilding, it is still necessary to correctly perform exercises for this or that muscular group. When I started studying, the most common for us were the exercises nabitsse – ups of the barbell and dumbbells standing, on the chest – bench press and wiring, well, for the training of the legs – squats. Not a baggage arsenal, but we had enough. I mean that in the school we made a lot of mistakes in each of them. I can now do some exercises not quite with the perfect technique. Therefore, I decided to pay due attention to the exercises for all muscle groups for future bodybuilders, and myself, too, will not be superfluous.

Here are the main muscle groups, going to which you will find exercises aimed at training a particular muscle. Here are the best exercises for bodybuilding and not only. This section of the site will be constantly updated and updated with reviews of new and old exercises with tips on the correct technique.

bodybuilding exercises

Train large muscle groups

To build up an impressive muscle mass, I recommend starting training with large muscle groups: legs, back, chest. It is the training of these muscle groups that stimulates the release into the blood of the hormone testosterone and other hormones that promote a set of mass and strength. There is such an expression: “If you want a bicep, train your legs.” I felt this on myself, when the biceps did not want to grow, started to squat, the total massel increased and all the muscles became larger.

All exercises can be divided into two groups: pulling and pushing.

Drawing these exercises are performed when you bring the projectile closer to yourself or yourself to the projectile, for example, pulling up, deadlift, etc. This group includes exercises of flexion for the hands and feet, because in them the simulator stretches to the body.

Pushing exercises are a group of exercises where efforts are directed at detaching the projectile from oneself (bench presses or a flock on shoulders, breast, triceps).

Strength training of muscles

Bodybuilding or bodybuilding is the strength training of muscles with the help of exercises with weights and without them, to give the muscles tone, increase their size and strength. Working with a barbell or dumbbells is always muscle strength training, because that’s how you work on muscle strengths, and increasing their size is more a side effect of training.

All exercises can be systematized on different grounds. The most common classification of exercises in bodybuilding is organized according to the following signs.

Exercises for muscle training in bodybuilding – classification

Classification of the trained muscle group:

  • Exercises for the feet
  • Springs for the back
  • Exercises for pectoral muscles
  • Exercises for the hands (biceps and triceps)
  • Exercises for training deltoid muscles (shoulders)

On the direction vector of the applied force:

  • Drawing exercises for muscles
  • Pushing exercises for muscles

By the number of joints involved for the exercise:

  • Single-joint or isolated
  • Multi-articular or basic

Polyarticular or base is a class of exercises characterized by technical complexity and are performed, mainly, with large weights, because they involve several joints and muscle groups. An example of such exercises: squats with a barbell on the shoulders, deadlift. In squats are involved: the hip joint, knee joints. During the deadlift, almost all the joints and muscles of the body work. Both these exercises are basic and require the right technique. But the extension or bending of the legs in the simulator is one-joint or isolated exercises, there one joint works – the knee.

When performing isolated exercises, the minimum amount of muscles works, which means that the body gets less stress, and therefore the muscles grow worse.

If you are new to bodybuilding and are looking for the best exercises for training muscles, then choose only basic – multi-joint exercises. Basic exercises – this is the best option for building muscle mass and increasing strength in bodybuilding.