How to run in the evenings

Running in the evenings is much more useful than in the morning. Evening running promotes fat burning, relaxation, helps relieve stress. Regardless of the goals pursued, you need to know some features and rules regarding how to run in the evenings.

Advantages of running in the evening

Advantages of running in the eveningFind the time for regular running in the mornings is quite difficult. It is difficult for a working person to overcome himself by standing up one or one and a half hours earlier for a run. To accomplish such feats are only capable of a single day. In addition, it is the evening is ideal for getting rid of all the negative and stress that has accumulated over the day.

Morning jogging can provoke excessive fatigue, which will affect the performance. In favor of the fact that it is better to run in the evening, there is evidence of the possibility of getting rid of the excess calories that were consumed during the day. And even if such physical activity causes muscle fatigue, it passes through the night, and the process of recovery during sleep occurs simultaneously with the expenditure of energy.

Where is the best way to go jogging in the evenings?

It is not necessary to run along busy roads, highways, freeways, but dark alleys should beware. The presence of a large congestion of transport will minimize the benefits of physical activity, and in unenlightened alleys can be extremely dangerous. Exhaust gases from cars will not only reduce the benefits of training to zero, but also bring harm.

When running a person exhales much more oxygen, which increases the amount of harmful substances entering the body. And for jogging to bring maximum benefit, running is best in the park area, at playgrounds and football fields, which are often located near the house.

Duration of jogging in the evening

Before going to bed, it is not recommended to overstrain the body, as this will negatively affect your health and sleep. The first run should not be done long. Start best from ten or fifteen minutes, and then regularly increase the time.

The maximum duration of jogging in the evening should not exceed half an hour. It is better to make short pauses. It is impossible to stop abruptly. Wanting to rest, first you have to slow down, and then go to a step at a fast pace.

When is the best time to run?

the best time to runMost beginners make a similar mistake. They run after dinner and rest, which is fundamentally wrong. Time spent in the inactive state after a long working day, translates the biorhythms into a passive state. If you go for a run, they will again start up, which leads to a lot of stress.

It is best to run between the seven and ten o’clock in the evening. The body at this time is calm, but has not yet passed into a passive regime, which allows you to quickly get rid of stress.

Can I eat before the evening jogging?

Run in the morning should be on a suitable stomach. In the evening hours it is better not to do it, but you can not eat too tightly. The ideal choice is a salad, soup, light lunch. In the menu, there must be proteins with carbohydrates, which contribute to a more rapid recovery after jogging.

You can prepare a steam omelet, which perfectly complement the boiled chicken or beef. When there is no desire to have supper, you can have a snack by eating fruit, for example, bananas or apples. To quench hunger and maintain strength allows yogurt at home.

Do I need to warm up before running?

Before jogging, you should definitely have a good time. This allows you to minimize possible risks and traumatism, to get the maximum benefit. It is enough to warm up for a couple of minutes. It is necessary to warm up legs mainly.

It is best to practice with a ball or with a rolling pin. Muscles on the legs should be rubbed and massaged, which helps to increase blood circulation. To start jogging is best with a walk fast pace, and then gradually increase the speed of movement.

Does it matter on what surface to run?

Overdressing at night is strongly discouraged, so for jogging it’s best to choose an even place. A bad choice will be a strong slope or jumping up. Run on a level surface. Find a flat plot in a small park area will not be difficult.

It is not recommended to run in the stadium, because you have to run in a circle. If the area is large, then everything is fine. When the stadium is small, the head will start to spin. The ideal option is a straight straight long road.

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Right breathing during the evening jogs

Maintaining the right rhythm of breathing is of paramount importance. Physical loads increase the body’s need for oxygen. When a person ceases to have enough air, he usually begins to snap his mouth, which is wrong. You only need to breathe through your nose. This saturates the body with the maximum amount of air. Thanks to this, the rhythm is kept and the pulse does not go astray.

People who begin to run in the evening to lose weight, it is especially important to breathe through your nose. The more oxygen is produced by tissues and muscles, the faster metabolism is realized. Breathing must be constantly monitored. Do not ignore the involuntary beating of the rhythm. When the air begins to snap with your mouth, you need to gradually reduce the speed, but do not stop abruptly.

How to understand that the run was carried out correctly?

For each novice runner, this question is of paramount importance, since the results bring only the right physical loads. Otherwise, no effect will be achieved. Those who have never run before or started training after a long break, feel pain in the muscles the next day. If this is not so, then either they are too trained, or something has been done incorrectly.

Do not stop running. It is necessary to adhere to the basic rules and be able to recognize the needs of one’s own organism. It should be remembered that muscle pains will be agonized until the tissues become sufficiently trained, that is, they will not get used to the loads. After some time, the pain will be replaced by a pleasant fatigue, helping quickly fall asleep.

If you overcome yourself and find time for jogging in the evenings, after two or three weeks you can replace positive changes. Thanks to a half-hour run in the evening, weight is reduced, the work of the nervous system is normalized, the heart muscle is strengthened.