Methane for muscles

The full name of this anabolic steroid is methandienone. In the circles of power sports it is simply called Methane. His popularity was due to the rapid effect, low price and relative ease of use (with proper application there are no acute side effects).

The main effect of Methane on muscles is a set of mass, so methane for muscles is the easiest way (amongst steroids) to increase the volumes of your musculature. But for the sake of fairness it is worth noting that after the completion of the course of taking the drug – some of the so-called mass will go away – it will be water that is retained in the muscles due to the acting effects of methandienone. Therefore, you do not have to worry much because of the recession in the mass.


In addition, there are also positive moments: in the worst case, one third of the recruited mass will not come off, at best – two-thirds. That is, from the collected 6 kilograms for the period of application there will be at least 2 kg of muscles, or even all 4.

Its main effects include increased appetite, which in bodybuilding (and in other power sports) plays into the hands of the athlete – you want to eat more, hence, the enrichment of muscles with protein increases. What is needed for growing muscles.

Methane for muscles can also help people with an ectomorphic body type who have nutritional problems – you do not want to eat much, you can not increase the amount of servings and the number of meals (average 6) to the optimal. Because of its main effect – increasing appetite – all these problems are solved.

How to take Methane

There are several ways to take this medication. Which is better – it is necessary to choose independently, and experimentation will not pass in vain.

First. Taking the drug twice a day (usually, this is a pill) for one dose throughout the week. Next are two weeks for a doubled dose – 4 tablets twice a day. The final stage should repeat the initial – a week 2 times a day for one capsule.

Second. Since the testosterone level in the blood of men and men reaches its peak at certain times, at this time it will be logical to take methane for the muscles. This clock starts at 6 am and ends at 9 am. And also in 18 and 21 respectively.

The third. It is used under the supervision of an experienced athlete. The doses are divided into 3 to 4 doses over the same amount of time, and the doses should be gradually increased until they double the primary doses.

For beginners, the course lasts 3 to 4 weeks. For the experienced reaches up to 6. Between the cycles, you need to take a break and use drugs to cleanse the liver in order to avoid the acute manifestation of side effects.

Side effects of Methane

Side effects include: pain in the genitals (testicles), acne, impurities of blood in the semen (sperm). There may be irritability, aggression – all this will happen when dosage is used, not accustomed to its athletes do not feel pobochek.

Methane reviews

Those who took methane for their sports activities at least a few times, almost unanimously advocate that the drug is good, especially the representatives of the “old school”. But there are those who are unhappy with the manifestation of its side effects – today there are safer, but more expensive drugs. Minus methane is that the athlete gets a big kickback after the course, merges with the recruiting water. Ideally it is used in combination with other steroids and then the effect is very good. And the application of methane solo is not very good, not a big gain after the end of the course.