Oxandrolone Effect

  • – Increased relief and hardness – the primary effect of oxandrolone
  • – Burning fat
  • – Growth HGH
  • – Adding strength

Oxandrolone EffectThe Anavar course is recommended for people who already have a mass and moderate fat content in the body, and intend to gain relief, increase strength and reduce fat deposits.
It is not very toxic, not very androgenic and quite mild.
Oxandrolone (Anavar) an anabolic steroid, becomes active in the body very quickly. The steroid has a very short half-life of about 9 hours.
It is one of the most mild and safe anabolic steroids for all time.

Oxandrolone (Anavar) Course

• Duration of the basic course of 6-8 weeks
• Start taking 20 mg per day, divided into two meals – in the morning and at lunch.
• Duration of the course with no side effects 5-6 weeks.
• THROUGH 2 days after taking Anavar, you can start taking tamoxifen (10 mg per day), it will help to restore the production of your own testosterone (the course duration is 1-2 weeks). danabol
• For the maximum rate of effectiveness of the course, take sports nutrition for relief.

Combined Oxandrolone courses

You can connect in the course of drugs:

  • Testosterone
  • Sustanon
  • Primobolan


It is necessary to consider also:

• When combined with other drugs, dosage of oxandrolone should not exceed 40 mg per day.
• Combined courses will not only get relief, but also increase muscle mass.
• For maximum efficiency, take a sports nutrition package to gain muscle mass and follow a diet for muscle mass gain

Anavar (Oxandrolone) – want the TRUTH?!

Oxandrolone for women. Benefits of use

A separate theme has always been women’s bodybuilding, like most women’s sports. Professional athletes for achieving high results sometimes resort to taking medications that increase stamina and give strength to responsible starts. Among them is Oxandrolone, which you can buy from us. This drug is one of the few that does not have any harmful effects on the female body. You can safely use it to get the desired results and not worry about your health and possible problems with the reproductive function. Oxandrolone for women is an ideal variant of sports nutrition.

This drug without exaggeration can be called universal due to its properties. It is used in a variety of sports, from bodybuilding and skiing to track and field athletics and football. Oxandrolone can be bought from us at the most pleasant prices. In this case, do not forget that in itself this drug can not be cheap. This is a quality steroid with very strong and effective properties. Oxandrolone is not available in pharmacies. A few specialized sports nutrition stores put on the drug a price that is not feasible even for people with a good income. And this cost is not particularly conditioned. Therefore, it remains to search for Oxandrolone, the price of which will be adequate for many, on the Internet. Our store is happy to offer all its customers a really high-quality anavar for quite reasonable money.

The original Oxandrolon. Course at an Affordable Price

Take this drug three times a day for equal doses. It is recommended to do this before meals, so it is better absorbed by the body. On average, the course of anavar intake is 6-8 weeks. Among the obvious advantages of this drug is the absence of significant side effects. Among the problems that may arise are:

  • absence of aromatization;
  • low toxicity;
  • decreased libido, problems with erection.

Anavar, whose price is too low, it is not worth buying. You are most likely offered a fake, which is not worth even those small money given for it. It can also hurt your health. Oxandrolon, the price of which is the most acceptable in our online store, will help in achieving your sporting goals and will not harm your health. Cooperation with our store will leave you only the most pleasant impressions.