Pharmacia & Upjohn

The pharmaceutical company Pharmacia & Upjohn was established in November 1995, thanks to the merger of two well-known worldwide pharmaceutical companies “Upjon” and “Pharmacy Aktibolag”. Both these companies, which are part of the “Pharmacy and Upjohn”, can surely be proud of their long history of development and corporate traditions.

Pharmacia_&_UpjohnThe result of the merger of these pharmaceutical companies was an increase in the production and research potential of the company “Pharmacia & Upjohn“, which was aimed at developing and introducing the latest high-performance medicines on the pharmaceutical market.

Pharmacia & Upjohn” supplied to the world pharmaceutical market a lot of effective medicines, and dozens of other drugs were in the stages of laboratory and clinical trials. This group of drugs included promising drugs for the therapy of oncological, cardiological, infectious diseases, central nervous system diseases, as well as drugs for the treatment of asthma and bladder pathologies. The annual financial expenses of Pharmacy and Upjohn, for basic research and clinical trials, were approximately $ 1 billion.