Pharmacom Labs

PharmaCom Labs is a well-known pharmacological company, it was founded in 2006 in Moldova. In 2012, the company rebranded, which includes restyling the entire line of products, and new positions are also constantly emerging. The production process of PharmaCom Labs is focused exclusively on the production of sports pharmacological products. The spectrum of drugs produced by Pharmacom Labs is very extensive: injection and oral steroids, growth hormones, prohormones, anti-estrogens and many other drugs that can be found on the market of sports pharmacology. Not to be confused with Farmak (Ukraine).

PharmaComIn 2014, PharmaCom Labs again changed the design of the package (now the expiration date in the injections is not on the box as before, but on the bank) and introduced a product validation system for originality anastrazolos. The verification code is under the protective layer on a special label. Stickers in new batches are glued to the jar or blister.

If there are no stickers on the blister or on the bank, then this is an earlier lot, in which there was no such protection.

The peculiarity of the PharmaCom Labs plant favorably distinguishes it from competitors especially for professionals: high dosages of steroid preparations such as 600 mg per 1 ml of testosterone enanthate, sustanone, nandrolone decanoate; 500 mg per 1ml of boldenone and others. Also a large number of mixes and mixes anastrazolos. This is a very successful repositioning of the brand in the framework of the rebranding.