Preservation of muscle mass during drying.

The actual question in our time is “how to burn subcutaneous fat without losing muscle mass?”. An answer was found to him long ago. Using the right diet, a good day regimen and effective drugs, you can not only effectively burn fat, but at the same time keep the volumes and muscles.Preservation of muscle mass during drying.

Food. When losing weight, an important factor is the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food. The amount of proteins must predominate over fats and carbohydrates, since the human body itself converts the protein into other components with its excess. During drying, it is recommended to eat more boiled food, less fried, sweet, etc.
Day regimen.Tut all is simple. The daily routine should be clear and balanced. You should both go to bed at one time and wake up. The number of hours of sleep should be at least eight.
Preparations. The well-established drug Primobolan (methenolone acetate) has a mild effect in comparison with Deco, which is why it is often used not for muscle mass kits, but for its preservation during drying. The phenomenon of recoil is minimal, and the reduction in fatty deposits is significant. Primobolan improves the relief and texture of the musculature, and also improves the strengths along with the decanoate.

The use of Primobolan has a tremendous impact on muscle maintenance while dieting, the goal of which is weight loss without losing muscle mass.