The use of “soft” drugs (oxandrolone, boldenone, masteron, primobolan, etc.) in bodybuilding can be compared with the search for a philosophical stone, which was the goal of insane experiments and the meaning of the life of ancient alchemists. But if the “scientific” activity of medieval thinkers was to find a way (recipe) for turning lead into gold, then modern users of sports pharmacology break down minds over the more realistic task of finding an absolutely anabolic means that is absolutely safe for the human body and that does not cause problems with a natural hormonal background, would not have a toxic effect on internal organs and would not be prone to aromatization. Primobolan solo was a kind of philosophical stone of sports pharmacology, a “philosophical preparation”, so to speak, the application of which was overgrown with a huge number of myths and fables. In this article I will make an attempt to as objectively as possible to tell about this mysterious preparation.


Description PrimobolanPrimobolan is available in two forms: in tablets (methelonone acetate) and in injectable form (methelonone enanthate). I will not dwell in detail on the oral form of prima, tk. Methelonone acetate is almost useless for athletes engaged in iron, and the injection form should be considered in more detail …
Methenolone is a derivative of DHT (in fact, dihydrobaldenone (DHB), a 5-alpha reduced derivative of the steroid of boldenone), i.e. we can say that primobolan is a close relative of the boldenone. Like boldenone, primobolan refers to long-acting drugs. To the active substance (methelonone) is added enanthate ether, which allows the drug to slowly and gradually enter the blood from the injection site. Thus, the period of activity (time of action) is primobolan in the body is approximately 14 to 16 days. To achieve a good effect, Primobolan can be stabbed once a week, but it is better to do more frequent injections.

I accept can be characterized as a weak anabolic, which has minor androgenic properties. The effect of Primobolan is difficult to compare with other AS, most of all it is similar to the aforementioned boldenone in terms of the strength of the effect on the user’s body. It can also be said that the prima is close to the master in terms of its performance characteristics. In comparison with the great and terrible nandrolone, the prima may seem like an uncanny Lilliputian, although at a working dosage of more than 600mg per week, this lilliputum can be a great inspiration to the organism of any consumer of pharma. Methelonone enanthate is not aromatized, which is its main advantage, but still the prima causes water retention, albeit small, so bodybuilders cancel the “soft” anabolic approximately 3-4 weeks before the competition and switch to other drugs such as Winstrol.

The effect of Primobolan is not as strong as its older brothers, it depresses the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle arc, but even at relatively small weekly dosages (200 mg-300 mg), athletes experience decreased production of their own testosterone. That is why the idea of ​​a “bridge” between the courses on Primobolan is unsuccessful – the endogenous testosterone completely canceled on the course will not be able to recover completely and such a scheme of taking drugs (course – bridge – course) is nothing more than one of the variants of the so-called. “Eternal” course.

The risk of manifestations of pobochkas when taking an injectable primobolana is minimal; pobochki appear only in particularly sensitive athletes in the form of a small acne, a decrease in the voice of the voice, increased growth of hair on the body and acceleration of the process of baldness in the users prone to this pharma. Prima is not toxic to the liver, increasing the indices of this organ is possible only at sufficiently large working dosages (600 mg – 800 mg per week). Arterial pressure and cholesterol level when using metelonone remain in the limits of the norm and only in very rare cases there are some deviations.

Primobolan – Educational Video

Application and combination

Meat, recruited on the course using prima, is distinguished by excellent quality, which distinguishes metotelonone from other steroids. The range of working (permissible) dosages is wide to unbelievable and ranges from 200mg per week to those values ​​that you can afford, i.e. from the size of your wallet. People involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting can recommend 400mg – 800mg of Primobolan solo per week. Representatives of other sports disciplines (swimming, martial arts, etc.) can suffice and more modest 200mg – 300mg per week.

Primobolan is one of the safest speakers that is currently available on the black market for steroids. Primobolan solo can be safely recommended to beginners on the first course. Also, the use of prima can be advised to people who are panic-stricken with health problems and avoid taking so-called “prisms”. heavy steroids. Before you begin the course, study the instructions of Primobolon. Athletes, whose experience of receiving pharma is minimal or absent altogether, I can offer the following “bourgeois” option:

The course is for 8 weeks. 300mg – 400mg primobolana per week + 50mg of oxandrolone per day. The expected effect of this course: 3 – 4 kg of quality meat (with the right diet) and a minimum (absence) of side effects. The only disadvantage of such a “bourgeois” course is its cost … prepare to lay out at least 20 000 re, or even more. You can also try to put solo (200mg – 300mg per week), but this course is more suitable for athletes than supporters of truly male sports (TA, BB, PL), because The effectiveness of such an option regarding the growth of strength and mass is extremely doubtful. Instructions for Primobolon can be easily found on the Internet, but it is best to seek advice from the coach.

Here is another version of “compote” using primobolana, which is ideal for cautious chemists, as well as rich pinatin, seeking to use only kosher chemistry:

The course is for 8 weeks. 400mg – 600mg prims per week + 240 – 280mg andriol per day. This option, as well as the previous one, pursues two goals: a set of quality meat and the ability to keep your liver unharmed.

I’ll admit I can not be considered as a drug, created purely for the needs and needs of young animals. Metelonon is also suitable for chemists with experience. Moreover, the use of this soft anabolic is justified not only by athletes with 3 – 4 years behind them, the prima may be a good helper in bodybuilding and for the chemists who have been experimenting with sports pharmacology for more than a decade. Remember that without a thorough study of Primobolon’s instructions, you will only harm yourself.

An interesting option, in my opinion, may be the following combination, which is designed for athletes with a small amount of chemical experience:

The course for 6 – 8 weeks. 400mg – 600mg prims per week + 40mg of methandienone per day. At first glance, it may seem that this is an attempt to combine an incompatible (“safe” drug + steroid, which has a lot of possible pobochek) and this course does not make much sense. However, such courses are intended for those who have already tried to chemize, using primitive schemes (methane solo or solo turbineball), and who wants to progress in strength and mass and beyond, while not taking any more serious speakers, thus, as it were, leaving their body ” free and untouched “for future courses using heavy” compotes “from androgens and other unsafe drugs. With the same purpose it is possible to combine on one course I will accept and turinabol (with the same dosages and terms).

For experienced consumers, I can offer several options:

1) The course for 10 – 12 weeks. The first 8 – 10 weeks: prima 400mg – 600mg per week + test enanthate 500mg per week + methane 50mg per day. The last 2 weeks of the course: test propionate 100mg a day + 50mg turinabol per day. This course is a classic combination of androgen + anabolic; the introduction to the course of prima is justified by the fact that many athletes with distrust and even some fear (for their eggs) belong to the nandrolone, which is a traditional mass collection pens and in many cases is included in such “compotes”. Also I will accept often in their androgenic courses those athletes who suffer from high blood pressure, which is a pimple of the use of testosterone with its irreversible aromatization. So, in order to reduce the androgenic component of the course, without reducing its effectiveness, and combine the test with prima.

2) Course for 8 weeks. Prima 300mg – 400mg per week + 100mg of propionate test every other day + 300mg – 400mg acetate per week. This is also a very interesting and ambiguous mix. The purpose of this course is to actively collect a mass of very good quality with a minimum water fill. Here in the classical course with the use of the test and the exercise is included primobolan. The introduction of methelonone as well as in the above-described variant is explained by an attempt to reduce the number of androgens and to increase the anabolic coma ponent such a combination, and therefore change the result in the direction of the best quality.

3) The course is for 11 – 12 weeks. First 8 weeks: prima 400mg – 600mg per week + test enanthate 750mg per week + anadrol 50mg – 150mg a day. The last 3 – 4 weeks of the course: test propionate 100mg every other day + 50mg of stanaz per day. This option is suitable only for experienced chemists who have already poured in themselves a liter of steroid oil and have nehily athletic ambitions. The explosive combination test + anadrol is supplemented by an inoffensive and weak prima. Why is this? The thing is that many bodybuilders note the interesting effect, which gives such a strange combination of methelonone and anadrola, – anadrol in the presence of a prima behaves absolutely differently than if it were in a batch with testosterone alone. Prima softens the reception of anadrol, smooths out its unpleasant effect on the user’s body. I listed all the main uses of prima, but there are still many different prima reception schemes and its combination with other speakers, which seem to me not appropriate. Some gurus from sports pharmacology recommend such ridiculous combinations as prima + stanaz, prima + boldenone, prima + nandrolone, etc. etc. I do not see any great sense in such mixtures, I do not advise anyone to use them!

Other aspects of the use of Primobolan

Other aspects of the use of Primobolan1. Some athletes, when choosing a drug for the future course, stop at an example, because someone suggested to them that this drug does not have any negative influence on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle arc. Such views are utopian, because unfortunately to this day mankind has not invented such a miracle – a drug that would help an athlete to improve his body and not inhibit endogenous testosterone. Indeed, in therapeutic doses, primobolan (in the form of acetate), like oxandrolone, does not cause suppression of its own testosterone, but this is not relevant for athletes who consume much higher doses in their meat collection courses and use the enanthate form of primobolan.

2. For many years prima is used by professional bodybuilders as a kind of bridge between androgenic courses in order that the body, thoroughly impregnated with exogenous testosterone and heavy anabolic, rested a little and gained strength before the new massive bombardment. Injections of methelonon for some time allow the athlete not to lose the weight gained on the course and to restore the body a little after exhausting and long months that have passed in pursuit of mass and strength. Naturally, there is no question of any complete restoration of the hormonal background …

3. It’s no secret that doping is used in absolutely all sports. And in almost all sports disciplines at competitions of more or less serious level, doping control is conducted. I do not know the exact statistics, but I can safely say that 80 percent of all active athletes take steroids. The fact of using illegal drugs, of course, is not advertised and hides in every possible way. There are many ways to get around (cheat) a dope test. One such method is the use of those drugs, the risk of detection of which is minimal. Approximate time for complete elimination of prima from the body is 5 weeks. Even with the fact that the methods of detecting illegal drugs are constantly being improved, it is extremely difficult to find metabolites after priming after the last injection after 5 or 6 weeks. That is why prima is popular with representatives of absolutely all sports disciplines.