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Clomid is a drug of antiestrogen action, which produces the company Eurochem . Its main active ingredient – clomiphene citrate, imeyuschyay a number of positive effects. It helps to prevent negative consequences of the action of estrogen. It is often used in such areas as bodybuilding, weightlifting, power sports, and others, to protect the body from the action of anabolic steroids. Also it is able to normalize testosterone production.

Action anabolic  Clomid

Using  Clomid , athlete maintains gain mass muscle strength and performance, while protecting themselves from the manifestations of gynecomastia and other symptoms caused by negative impacts.

Clomid reviews

Reviews of Clomid quite good, as it helps to cope with many problems. It is used not only as a good anti-estrogen on the course, but also as the FCT. The drug has the following advantages:

· An increase of FSH and LH;

· Active blocking estrogen process;

· Increased libido;

· Suppression of female hormones;

· Obstacle to the development of gynecomastia and other side effects;

· Saving a dialed muscle mass;

· To provide a basis for the recovery hormone systems;

· Possibility of side effect and toxicity min;

· In contrast to aromatase inhibitors, has no effect on hormones beyond measure.

Order Clomid may be the online store. The company’s products  Eurochem is very popular, so is presented in a wide range. Each item is assigned a unique code, which sets it apart from counterfeits. You can check the official website.

In order to keep the acquired parameters, the drug should begin immediately after the end of steroid. Before this previously calculated half-life used early anabolics. The dosage should be in the range 50-100 ml per day. Duration of about 2-3 weeks. All this is discussed with the doctor, who based on the individual characteristics to decide how to make the reception rate. Women Clomid is not recommended, as it is likely to violate the hormonal balance. Sometimes it can be used in small doses as a fat burner.

Clomid course solo or combi

Standard course reception Clomid has the following structure: 1 week at the dosage should be 100 ml per day, for 2-4 weeks at 50 ml per day for the last two – 25 ml per day. If anabolic course was easy, the dosage can be reduced by half. Everything must be made on an individual basis.

Athletes use Clomid , leave positive feedback. It marked a good recovery of natural testosterone, and a significant reduction in the rollback phenomenon.

Side effect Clomid

This phenomenon, as a side effect, the use of this drug may occur if excess dosage. Symptoms appear in the form of hot flushes, nausea, headaches and bouts of dizziness, reduced vision. All this is kept to a minimum, if you follow the recommendations. 

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