Proteins for muscles

Protein is a protein concentrate, usually in powder form. In the article, protein, I talked in detail about the role of these nutrients in the body. Once again, I repeat that proteins are the most important source of amino acids in our body, from which the cells of our body build their own protein. Therefore, a good protein for a bodybuilder is, first of all, a pledge of muscle growth. By the way, in the article Belok and muscle mass I spoke about how the protein is built in our muscles.

With intense physical exertion, especially in bodybuilding, our body needs an increased amount of protein, which is almost impossible to obtain from regular food. Therefore, protein, as a food supplement in power sports is almost indispensable for the full development of your body.

Protein. Protein in sports nutrition. Protein for muscles

ProteinNote that you can not completely exclude from the diet other nutrients. Proved that protein is better absorbed when enough carbohydrates are present in your menu. Scientific rationality of the following formula is proved: protein – 30% / carbohydrates – 60% / fat (vegetable) – 10%. It is this ratio that best supports your metabolism. However, as already noted, this ratio with normal food is unlikely to be obtained, so most athletes include in their diet proteins and carbohydrates (carbohydrate-protein mixtures) in order to provide their body with maximum opportunities for recovery and growth.

Proteins are harmful – true or foolish?

How many people, so many opinions. I will only say that proteins are not steroids, not “chemistry” and not doping. These are protein mixtures obtained in different ways, balanced by amino acid composition, with the addition of substances that promote protein digestion.

How Does Protein Build Muscle?

Protein. Nutritional supplements. Sports nutrition

By and large, they are not more dangerous than baby food or refined dried milk. I have already said that statements about the dangers of protein come mainly from people who never used it or are not related to sports. In addition, the usual products of our daily diet often contain so much chemistry that it is at least silly to talk about the harm of protein. Protein is a natural food supplement. Another question is that some manufacturers are not clean on hand, so the choice of sports nutrition should be paid close attention.

Decide, of course, to you, but in making specific decisions, be guided by the necessary information, and not by someone’s beliefs, because your opinion is much more important …