Sports diet for men

If women are the most common reason to appeal to diets is the desire to lose weight, then the stronger sex more often expect from diets completely different – they need to gain weight.

And it’s not about fat, but about muscle mass. To solve this problem helps a sports diet for men.

The best way to become an athletic figure is to train. However, one sport to achieve a beautiful muscle relief is often not enough, especially for men of lean physique.

Sports diet

Diet for weight gain

Nutrition in combination with power training – that’s what exactly will solve the problem.

Such nutrition programs are designed taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, physical data, and the state of health. But any sports diet for men is based on several general principles.

So, the basis of the sports diet should be proteins, because it is at their expense is the buildup of muscle mass. It is advisable not to get carried away with various protein drinks, but give preference to natural protein: lean meat, fish and seafood, dairy products, nuts, eggs, mushrooms, beans.

Diet for weight gain for men never does without carbohydrates – they are the second important component of the diet. In the diet include not only complex carbohydrates, but also easily digestible. Sources of complex or “slow” carbohydrates: bread of coarse grind, a variety of cereals, fruits and vegetables. To easily digestible, “fast” carbohydrates include sugar, honey, a variety of pastries.

When a sports diet for men is compiled, it is necessary to take into account the fact that to build muscle, the male body needs a sufficient amount of testosterone in the blood. Therefore, to maximize the effectiveness of the diet for a set of muscle mass in the diet include products that stimulate the production of male hormone.

Sample diet menu for weight gain (for 1 day)


A plate of milk porridge (oatmeal or millet), a sandwich with butter with cheese and butter, a cup of tea / coffee (you can with milk).

2nd breakfast:

Ananovo-milk smoothies and a handful of nuts.


A 200-gram piece of meat, a side dish of pasta or 3-4 baked potatoes, a vegetable salad with olive oil.


either a salad of fruits with fatty yogurt, or a glass of milk and cookies.


Omelette of four eggs with cheese and tomatoes, a cup of tea.

In conclusion, a useful tip

A diet for weight gain for men will be especially effective if an hour before sports is replenished energy reserves of the body, drinking a glass of natural fruit juice or eating a handful of dried fruits, or using sports pit, for example in Kaliningrad sports nutrition store an excellent choice for both weight gain and for losing weight!

In addition to diet and exercise, to strengthen the whole body and improve your well-being will help massage. Visiting a massage parlor or having your own masseur and your own folding massage table at home, in any case, this is a big plus to your weight loss program.