What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a sport in which key controls are: bench press, deadlift and squats with a barbell. The winners are those athletes who showed the best result in their weight category, namely – the maximum weight of the bar during the exercise. Powerlifting is a very democratic sport, which you can engage in both young and older people. Thousands of people around the world are fans of the powerlifter, and competitions are held in almost every country.What is powerlifting?

The key is to do the exercise in one repetition with a large scale. To achieve results, as in bodybuilding, a progression of loads is used. This means that after some time intervals, the powerlifters increase the used weights. The progression of loads is an effective thing to achieve a result, but even more effectively it works with the use of Testosterone Propionate. Testosterone Propionate is one of the most popular steroids in sports, it has one hundred percent anabolic and androgenic activity, with no toxicity to the liver. The time of discovery of this drug is 40 days, which means that it should be used a couple of months before the competition. Testosterone propionate is one of the best representatives of pharmacology, as it increases not only muscle mass and strength, but also burns fat, improves relief and increases libido.